Gardai probe ‘electronic' attack on couple's puppy

January 13th, 2016 7:15 AM

By Southern Star Team

Gisela with her puppy Rex who has been targeted.

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The malicious detonation of an electronic device is causing extreme pain to a seven-month old puppy, according to its owners


THE malicious detonation of an electronic device is causing extreme pain to a seven-month old puppy, according to its owners.

Hans (75) and Gisela (74) Theis who live in The Whitehouse at Glannafeen in Lough Hyne, near Skibbereen, said Rex, their German Shepherd pet, displays signs of extreme agitation when the device is activated.

‘We believe this is being done maliciously by someone, and we are afraid it will kill Rex because he goes crazy with the pain and ends up hurting himself,’ said Gisela.

The couple, who are from Munich, but have been holidaying at their home in Lough Hyne for the last 30 years, moved here permanently four years ago.

For about a decade, the couple had been living in Mexico but chose to relocate to Lough Hyne because they wanted a quiet, peaceful life in a quiet, peaceful place.

But for the last four years, Hans said: ‘We have been subject to numerous incidents that I believe are designed to make us feel fear – things like having the wheel on our car cut with a knife.

‘Initially, we got Rex for added protection, but now we find that he is being subjected to the use of an electronic instrument that emits high frequency, short wave sounds that cannot be heard by humans but causes Rex extreme pain.

‘This individual triggers the instrument a number of times during the day from outside our property and it causes him to become very frightened, to run uncontrollably, to whine and to bark.  He has no sense of his surroundings and runs at the doors, walls and windows, and is in danger of causing himself serious harm.

‘Our dog has been fully examined by our vet, who confirms that he is experiencing great pain and that it could result in his death. Our vet is satisfied that the cause of his distress is the high frequency, short wave sound instrument.

‘The gardai at Skibbereen and Baltimore have been made aware of these cruel attempts to injure this helpless, defenceless animal, and they are investigating the matter.’ 

Hans said: ‘We feel we have no choice but to make this situation public and to appeal to the public for help and assistance in this investigation. We are also considering hiring a private investigator.’

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