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Friends’ mobile pub proves to be a wheely good idea

August 1st, 2020 11:40 AM

By Brian Moore

Friends’ mobile pub proves to be a wheely good idea Image
The pub has everything you’d expect from a traditional Irish bar, including a ‘snug’.

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IF you can’t make it to the pub, then why not bring the pub to you?

That’s exactly what three friends decided to do as the last pints were pulled, the pubs closed and the country went into lockdown, due to Covid-19.

Stephen O’Mahony, Owen McCarthy and Paudie O’Donovan, all from Ahiohill near Clonakilty, put their combined skills together and built their own pub.

‘It all started when we wanted something to do as we were all off work,’ construction worker Owen told The Southern Star.

‘We planned on turning one of our garden sheds into our own traditional Irish pub, but then decided to make it portable so that the lads could move it around to their houses as well.’

So that’s what the construction worker, the woodwork teacher and the agricultural auditor set about doing – building their own pub on wheels.

‘We got a 14ft trailer – that someone said they wouldn’t put chickens in! – and then built the pub on top of it,’ Owen said.

‘We wanted a traditional Irish country pub so we have a stove (electric), a bar with taps, coolers and gas system to pull the perfect pint – and even a snug.’

When the pub, named ‘One for the Road’, was ready and word got out that there was the possibility of a pint in a pub once more, the calls started flooding in, enquiring if the lads would rent out their lockdown project.

‘We never thought that there would be a business in this, but with all the calls we went back to the drawing board and added a few more features so that we can transport the pub to family parties, celebrations or to people who just miss the pub experience.’

‘One for the Road, comes with everything you need to have in your own pub,’ Owen said.

‘All you have to do is supply your own drink and we’ll show you how to set up the keg and get everything ready. You can plug the pub into any regular electrical socket and you can easily fit up to eight people. We’ve had enquiries from all over West Cork and you can contact us at ‘One for the Road’ on Facebook or Instagram.’    

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