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Flood relief walls already under repair

July 24th, 2019 12:22 PM

By Jackie Keogh

Flood relief walls already under repair Image
Some of the damage evident on the flood wall. (Photo: Andrew Harris)

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Cork County Council has confirmed that new flood defence walls in Skibbereen are being repaired.

CORK County Council has confirmed that new flood defence walls in Skibbereen are being repaired.

A spokesperson for the local authority confirmed that ‘remedial works to a number of joints are currently being undertaken along the Caol stream in the Main Street car park.’

The Council did not specify what was the cause of the problem, or why the joints needed to be repaired, other than to say: ‘This work is progressing satisfactorily and will be completed in the coming weeks.’

Photographs clearly show that the concrete is cracking off at certain parts of the walls lining the Caol stream – primarily where two sections meet – and it appears as if these sections are being cut out and new gaskets are being put in their place.

A request for a more detailed explanation regarding the cracks on the flood defence walls – in what is considered to be a crucial part of the €18m flood relief scheme – has been submitted to the Council.

Meanwhile, ongoing concerns about the re-growth of the highly invasive Japanese knotweed at a different flood relief work site – at the Flaxmills in Skibbereen – was addressed by a local engineer.

Brendan Minihane, senior resident engineer liaising with the contractor, Jons, told The Southern Star: ‘The Japanese Knotweed has been there since day one.’

He confirmed that The Flaxmills is the most acutely affected area in Skibbereen, but he confirmed that the weed has been treated during the course of the works by the contractor. It will continue to be treated by Cork County Council on an ongoing basis.


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