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FARM CLASSICS: Winner tractors weren’t without gremlins

September 29th, 2022 10:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

FARM CLASSICS: Winner tractors weren’t without gremlins Image
At the heart of the F130 is the turbocharged Fiat Iveco engine producing 130hp.

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With Peter O'Brien

The Fiat Winner range was launched in Paris in 1990 but, interestingly, were not entirely replacement tractors.

The Winner tractors had big boots to fill as the proven 90 series tractors were highly popular amoungst their users, so much so, that Fiat continued to produce them alongside the Winner tractors despite the research and development invested into these new machines. However, the design of the 90 series had run its course, and Fiat required a tractor with technology to take the brand towards the 21st century.

The initial line up consisted of the F100, F110, F120 and F130. Referred to as the MK1 Winner tractors, these tractors were great performers, but not without their troubles. In a bid to boost confidence in the tractors, Fiat launched an updated range MK2- with the F115 replacing the F110 and F120. Furthermore, the range topping and hard punching F140 was added to the line-up. Amoungst other minor developments, the Mk2 tractors have more horsepower, an improved gearbox as well as revised hydraulic pump.

At the heart of the F130 is the turbocharged Fiat Iveco engine producing 130hp. Gusty and reliable, the engine is under stressed and pulls well. The early 32F/16R gearbox was clumsy with the splitter operated by side shifting the gearstick when in neutral.

Losing momentum and time, this issue with remedied on the MK2s with a simple splitter button located on the main gearstick. With four gears across four ranges, as well as a manual shuttle, this bullet-proof gearbox remained in production until 2007, inherited by some 60 and TM New Holland series tractors.

While some tractors had manual lift controls, others were fitted with Fiats electronic Lift-O-Matic hydraulic system providing electronic height, draft and speed control of the three-point linkage with a rocker switch controlling raising and lowering of implements.

Further advances included auto four-wheel drive and diff lock dependant on lift settings.

While the principal is solid and was again inherited into following New Holland tractors, this early system is prone to electrical gremlins receiving mixed reviews.

With a lift capacity of a whopping 6.5T, it is commonplace for these tractors to crack the rear wheel rims, while oil flow is rated at 55l/min and a 3 speed PTO is also standard.

Keen to shake off the reputation of rust, the cab is fully galvanised and features a frameless front window and doors with curved side/rear windows aiding vision.

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