Emergency works by OPW at Bandon’s fish pass

April 28th, 2021 5:45 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

The pass – said to be the biggest in Europe – pictured during construction. (Photo: Simon Toussifar)

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EMERGENCY works on the controversial fish pass in the Bandon River – said to be the biggest in Europe – are to be carried out by the OPW in the coming days.

This follows on from concern expressed by locals and fishing groups that recent floodings had damaged the fish pass causing difficulty for migrating fish such as salmon and lamprey to travel upstream.

The OPW have now confirmed that works will be carried out on the large ‘rock-ramp’ fish pass, which is essential to mitigate the impact on fish passage at the weir, which arose from deepening the channel downstream of the weir.

‘The OPW became aware that the boulders, rock and gravel material that formed the bed of the ramp had deteriorated, possibly as a result of extreme flows in the river in February,’ said a spokesperson. ‘Subject to environmental approval it is planned to commence the works in the coming days and to have all works completed before May 1st or shortly afterwards.’

Meanwhile, Dr William O’Connor, a chartered environmentalist with Ecofact  has called for the fish pass to be taken out as he said it is an ‘ugly eyesore’ and badly designed.

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