Della remembered as fabulous, fearless female

February 7th, 2020 5:02 PM

By Jackie Keogh

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A WELL-known West Cork animal welfare campaigner was buried within hours of her death so she could donate her organs to UCC for medical science.

Throughout her life Della Murray of Bridge Street, Skibbereen, gave a lot of her time and personal resources to the care of neglected strays, as well as campaigning against the ill-treatment of livestock.

‘Even in death, Della Murray was selfless,’ one of her friends told The Southern Star.

Della died on Sunday night, January 19th and she was buried after a 2pm funeral mass the following day. Friends who didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her contacted The Southern Star to ask that ‘her goodness in life be remembered.’

Some of her friends did get to see her on Thursday, January 9th when they brought a birthday cake to her hospital bedside. The beautiful Della Murray was 51 for 10 days before she succumbed to the cancer she had been receiving treatment for for many months. Some stood vigil until she passed.

They asked that it be noted she was ‘such a caring individual.’ Friends – some of whom were also proud to be her neighbour – spoke of how she saved so many animals from certain death.

They asked that it be made known that she spent most of her own income on caring for these animals saying: ‘She was one of Skibbereen’s unsung heroes.’

Della is survived by her daughter, Imy, but she will continue to be remembered by those who saw her as ‘a most gentle, beautiful and kind lady’ and those who admired the campaigner in her and believed her to be ‘a fabulous, fearless female.’

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