Clare is now focusing on the positive aspects

January 26th, 2016 9:55 PM

By Jackie Keogh

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The scales say one thing. Clare Scanlan says another.

The scales say one thing. Clare Scanlan says another.

This week on Operation Transformation the scales showed that Clare only lost half a pound in her second week on the inspirational TV programme.

Initially, Clare said she felt utterly deflated but in hindsight – and with the support of her TV team – she is focusing on the positive.

For starters, she said she appreciated the article in her ‘hometown’ paper, The Southern Star last week, and is delighted with all the support she is receiving from the people of West Cork.

It has helped to confirm that what she is doing is part of a process – one that is having a major impact on the nation – and that it is, in every respect, a massive learning curve.

The diet experts on the show offered Clare encouragement, too. And reminded her that she lost an incredible 7.5lbs in her first week. On Wednesday night’s programme they said they could see that Clare is doing everything that she should be doing and that an iron supplement may be the cause.

‘They weren’t too hard on me,’ Clare said without a trace of despondency in her voice. ‘I’ve taken it on board, digested the information, and will treat it for what it is, a bump in the road. 

‘I am continuing with the programme and I do hope to get better results next week,’ said Clare, who is flabbergasted by the sheer number of people from Cork to Castletownbere – including Ardfield and Rathbarry – who are following her online, in print, and on TV.

Clare (39) who is originally from Castlefreke in West Cork, but is now living in Monagea in Co Limerick, said her family are being fantastic, even if husband Tom is having to pick up the slack at home what with Clare being away in Dublin all weekend for filming.

This week, Clare and her fellow OT leaders, did the dreaded fire brigade challenge. ‘It was tough,’ she said. ‘TV doesn’t reflect how tough it is. But when you accomplish something like that, it shows you what you can do. It’s amazing: if you ask your body to do something for you, it will.’

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