‘Cautious optimism’ as brave Leonid gets treatment he needs

March 22nd, 2022 3:00 PM

By Jackie Keogh

Leonid is on a new treatment programme that involves being on a drip for 28 days at Crumlin Hospital in Dublin.

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A FIVE-year-old boy from Ukraine is getting the best of medical attention since his arrival in Ireland.

Shortly after Leonid, who has leukaemia, came to live at the home of his aunt Victoria Waldren in Ballydehob, he received a complete medical check-up at Schull Medical Centre.

The following day he was taken to the Mercy Hospital in Cork for further tests and assessments.

Since then he and his parents, Serghiy and Yana, have made the move to Dublin so Leonid can receive the medical attention he needs at Crumlin Hospital.

As part of an intensive course of treatment, Leonid will be on a drip for a period of 28 days.

Victoria’s husband David said: ‘Leonid is a very good natured boy and he’s already looking better on the treatment.

‘After just five days, the shape of his face is returning to normal and there’s even signs of hair growth,’ he said.

This week, the GoFundMe page surpassed the €66,000 mark after the country took the young Leonid to their hearts. The family have pledged that any money raised on the Help Leonid with his Leukaemia Treatment GoFundMe page that is not used for Leonid’s treatment will go directly to cancer research.

Independent TD Michael Collins – who assisted with the family’s relocation from war-torn Ukraine – said he is confident that ‘this brave little boy is receiving this new course of treatment after being so ill for so long.’

Leonid was due to have a bone marrow transplant in Kyiv, but when the family arrived at the hospital they were handed his files and told to get out of the country. The hospital has since been bombed by the Russian army.

‘We, as a family, are very grateful for all the good wishes and the prayers that have been offered to Leonid,’ said David.

‘People have been generous but they have been supportive and encouraging too. We are now cautiously optimistic, thanks to the excellent care he is receiving.’

Meanwhile, the residents of Sherkin Island have extended a warm welcome to a family of five – a mother and four children – who took up residence there last Thursday.

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