Car of the week: Audi’s Q2 crossover is holding its appeal

December 14th, 2021 5:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

The ergonomic simplicity and overall ease of use of controls, allied with comfortable seats, high-quality trim and bright instruments make the Q2 a great car to drive.

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ALTHOUGH  this small crossover from Audi has been rolling around our roads for some four years, and it’s that long since I drove it last, I was interested to get back in one recently to see if it is lasting the course.

The Q2 is Audi’s smallest SUV-type car, and is definitely produced with an urban-suburban market in mind, so don’t expect it to have any off-road credentials. Anyhow, it doesn’t need them, it works quite nicely as a compact car for those who want some premium quality in a vehicle that isn’t a handful to  manage.

Even though larger cars suit me well, I remembered at my first drive in this one that it actually has all the room I’d need. For a couple whose family has long flown the nest, but there are grandchildren who come occasionally for stay-overs, I could see this as quite ideal.

The style is wearing well even against the several newer Audi Q-cars which have regenerated over the last couple of years. A strong front, a decent presence overall, the advantages of standing a little taller than other cars in its segment which I appreciate when getting in and out ... there’s a lot for me to like here.

As there is also inside. There’s an overall ergonomic simplicity for the switchgear, and the console knob management of the centre screen navigation is still very much to my taste.

Climate management by three real knobs is great. Good bright instruments, and in the review car the ability to repeat the Google maps sat-nav in front of the driver continues to be really useful. As always with Audi, the quality level of the trim, and the comfort of the seats, make the premium price reasonably justifiable.

My previous excursion in a Q2 was with a more powerful 4-cylinder engine, but this time there was the basic 3-cylinder petrol, with the addition of a 7-speed automatic.

Though not as snappy as the 150hp version, the combination made for a very relaxed driving experience. Which these days, with traffic in Ireland back up to the mad pre-pandemic levels, is very welcome.

The basic driver assistance systems can be augmented by optional lane departure warning, a parking system, and high beam assist among others (that last I’ve become used to on many review cars, to the point that recently driving one without had me forgetting to manually dip. Sorry to those I inadvertently dazzled until I got used to the situation).

The Q2 is an Audi, so you will be paying a bit more than for anything similarly sized from the VW stable. But as an Audi, the premium will hold value too.

Glad I got the chance to revisit it.




Sense of premium without bulk

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