Butcher’s waste left dumped on side of Skibbereen road

March 14th, 2020 11:50 AM

By Southern Star Team

The waste which was dumped on the side of the L8241 just off the N71.

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WHAT appears to be butcher’s or other retail animal waste is being dumped on the side of the road outside Skibbereen.

The waste has been dumped on two separate occasions – possibly late on a Saturday night – on the side of a road just off the main tourist route into the town – the N71.

A local resident who has photographed the waste on the L8241 told The Southern Star that on the first occasion a small ‘plastic bag’s worth’ of items were left at the location, but on the second occasion – believed to be a recent Saturday night – a much larger amount of bones and innards were left.

The resident said that apart from being very unsightly, the debris constitutes a health risk as their dog had brought some of the items home and been sick afterwards.

‘I contacted the Council, which referred me to the Litter Warden, and I was then referred to County Hall and then to a local vet,’ said the resident.

When contacted by The Southern Star, Cork County Council issued the following statement: ‘There are specific legal requirements relating to the disposal of animal by-products and it is illegal to dump any waste at the roadside. This incident is subject to an investigation by Cork County Council’s veterinary and food safety team. The Council’s veterinary inspector, in consultation with the relevant area engineers office, has arranged for the removal and disposal of the waste in accordance with animal by-products legislation.’


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