Back down a dark road

October 5th, 2022 10:10 PM

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AS if Europe wasn’t reeling enough from the dual effects of Brexit and the war on Ukraine, now we have the added complication of Italy’s new right-wing government joining the melee.

Giorgia Meloni is set to be Italy’s first far-right nationalist leader since Mussolini, as a result of her Brothers of Italy party dominating the recent election.

While it is good to see a country elect a long-overdue first female prime minister, the rise of yet another Fascist party in Europe is certainly not welcome.

Her party has also made some anti-EU statements and now there are fears another Brexit scenario could be coming down the tracks – an Itexit.

It’s difficult for many to comprehend why Europe, with such a stark and dark history, could be going down this same road again. But some observers say it’s not so much about the rise of Fascism as the fall of centrist parties, as a result of the combined effects of Brexit, Ukraine and the pandemic, which have weakened confidence in traditional politics.

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