At last – a ‘millennial lingo' converter to explain ‘teenspeak' to adults!

May 24th, 2019 5:50 PM

By Southern Star Team

Does your teenager shout things like ‘It's lit' and ‘Esketit'? If so, you might need our teen lingo converter.

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We asked our TY student Caitlín O'Driscoll to help us translate some of the acronyms and phrases that today's text-savvy kids use which have many adults flummoxed

We asked our TY student Caitlín O’Driscoll to help us translate some of the acronyms and phrases that today’s text-savvy kids use which have many adults flummoxed


TEENAGERS can be the worst. They eat, sleep, go on their phones, repeat. They can be really draining for parents, who struggle to walk into their kids’ rooms when there are clothes all over the floor. 

But is there anything worse than when a teenager hangs out with their friends at home, and suddenly they’re all speaking another language! 

It is often called ‘text talk’. Or ‘millennial lingo’. 

Gone are the days when teens wore bell-bottomed pants and listened to Abba. 

Nowadays, post-adolescents wear ‘baller pants’ and shout things like ‘It’s lit’ and ‘Esketit’. 

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have either of these words shouted in your ear, then you most likely don’t understand what they mean. 

Below, we try to translate most common ‘millennial lingo’ into plain English. 


1. It’s lit = this is exciting! / this is amazing!

2. Esketit = let’s get money! / let’s go!

3. Let’s get this bread = let’s get this money

4.  To be cancelled = to make a mistake and no longer be relevant. 

5. GOAT = short for Greatest Of All Time.

6. Gucci = good/ great.

7. Wig Snatched = This has blown me away!

8.  (Throw) shade = to disrespect someone 

9. Bye Felicia = a disrespectful way to say goodbye to someone you hate.

10. Salt/Salty = an adjective to describe a passive aggressive/ annoyed person.

11. (Spill the) tea = spill the beans/ tell me the drama.

12. This tea is piping hot = This drama is so exciting.

13. Stay woke = staying up to date with news.

14. Queen/icon = someone inspiring.

15. Glow up = to have a good physical transformation, usually from childhood.

16. Shook = a response to something shocking.

17. Basic = someone who falls into a stereotype. 

18. (I) stan = I love this a lot.

19. Bop = a good, catchy, popular song.

20. Lowkey = not obvious. 

21. Highkey = very obvious. 

22. (to have) beef = to have a problem with someone. 

23. (to) ship = to want two people to be in a relationship.

24. Adulting = the hard job of having to act like an adult/ do boring adult things.

25. Okurr = Ok but with rolled ‘r’.

26. Oof = a word to express disbelief/ shock/ or sympathy. 

27. (to be) Hangry = being hungry and angry simultaneously.

28. Yeet = something said at any time with no meaning whatsoever. 

29. (To) yeet = to throw 

30. ROTFLDICAJTTWADBSIHPWTRHITSBKABAYB = Rolling On The Floor Laughing Dancing In Circles And Jumping Through The Window Almost Dying By Smashing Into HP Who’s Then Running Horrified Into The Street Being Killed Accidentally By A Yellow Bulldozer (eh, well maybe you are being a bit overly creative there, Caitlín – Ed)


Caitlín O’Driscoll is a TY student at Mount St Michael secondary school in Rosscarbery.

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