All eyes on Eyeries

August 27th, 2019 7:05 AM

By Brian Moore

Kristen O'Sullivan, Linda Harrington, Julie O'Neill, Colman O'Sullivan, Mary O'Sullivan, Emer O'Neill, Mark Gallagher, Hugh O'Neill, Julie Farrelly, Brian O'Sullivan, Lorraine Crowley, Martin O'Neill, Fergus Lowney and Maureen O'Driscoll who, between them, are involved in the village's Tidy Towns

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The small village of Eyeries has put itself firmly on the map as a place to live, raise a family and do business and it's all down to its vibrant community spirit

EYERIES, one of the country’s most remote villages, has seen a rejuvenation in recent years, and it’s all down to the energy of the people who live there. 

Local man Colman O’Sullivan said that after many years of people leaving the area, lots are now returning along with new comers, resulting in a thriving  and diverse community.

‘Firstly, we’re very lucky here with the availability of high-speed broadband, which is a major draw for people who are working from home or have businesses in the area,’ Colman said.

‘But we also have a determined population. For example we didn’t have a festival here for over 30 years so we decided to restart it  nine years ago and today our annual celebration attracts almost 5,000 visitors every year.’

However, apart from the now well established festival, there is a lot more to Eyeries than a three day event. 

‘We have been taking part in the Tidy Towns for 30 years now and we are getting our mark up year after year, which is all thanks to a great group of locals who are out every morning of the summer with their pickers keeping the village immaculate,’ Colman said.

‘Whenever we ask for help, we’re never short of volunteers. Our community spirit here is second to none. And we are very lucky to have sponsorship from local businesses when it comes to making the most of the village and especially with our beach and shore clean up.’

It’s community spirit, with people more than willing to be part of and contribute to the well-being of the village that has ensured that Eyeries has grown and continues to grow.

‘We have a school, which is thriving with 100 pupils and eight teachers, as well as a play-school and an amazing new playground and sensory garden,’ Colman said.

More and more tourists are making it as far west as Eyeries and they’re not disappointed when they arrive.

‘For visitors who want a safe place to swim we have a great beach and of course there are four Beara Way loop walks that start here in the village,’ Colman said.

‘Then there are the new glamping pods and the motor home park as well as the pubs and restaurants.

‘We have writers who travel from far and wide to the writers centre at Anam Cara and our resident storyteller and fortune teller has attracted a least one famous movie star to our village.’

Eyeries is an example of what can be achieved with pride in your community, and the future is bright for the people who have made their lives on the tip of the Beara peninsula, so says Colman.

‘Eyeries is a great place to live, we have so much to offer not only to the visitors who come this way every year but for the new residents and those who have been born and raised here. The village is thriving and I think the future is very bright indeed.’



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