Advance Hearing providing clinics in West Cork

June 30th, 2022 8:00 AM

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Family run Hearing Aid experts with over 30 years experience and 100% Irish owned company

Advance Hearing is an Irish-owned company that holds regular clinics in West Cork. Dawn Fleming took over the company in April, after working in the industry for over nine years.

Dawn’s father, John Fleming, set up Audivox 35 years ago, and both Dawn and her brother Garrett followed in their father’s footsteps.

Dawn qualified as an Audiologist and in April of this year, she decided to go out on her own and is now running Advance Hearing.

Each month Dawn holds clinics in Marino Medical Centre in Bantry, Hurley Opticians in Bandon and Clonakilty Medical Clinic, as well as clinics all over Munster.

‘Anyone experiencing any difficulties with their hearing should get it checked out as soon as possible. You, or someone close to you, might notice that you have to turn the television up louder than usual, or since people started wearing masks, they’ve noticed that they can’t hear as well as they thought they could, as they’ve been leaning on lip reading,' says Dawn.

‘Another thing I’ve noticed is that people are opting out of things. They pull back from conversations and from social situations because they can’t understand what people are saying and feel embarrassed by it. It’s easier for them to opt out of these situations. I see it happening every day.'

However, Dawn wants to assure people that there is nothing to be embarrassed about and solutions for hearing loss are extremely discreet.

‘If you’ve noticed any change, please do get in touch.'

Hearing tests are done for free, with no obligation for further treatment. Dawn prides herself with giving honest advice. She will go through everything step by step and depending on the type of loss found in the test, she will advise what to do next. If hearing loss is found, she will recommend a hearing aid, but won’t put any pressure on people.

‘We have all different types of hearing aids. Self-charging ones are very popular at the moment as there are no batteries involved.'

PRSI grants are available, covering the cost of hearing aids up to €1000, or €500 per ear. This grant is available to employed, self-employed and retired people who have the required number of PRSI contributions.

Spaces in Dawn’s clinics fill up fast, so they are by appointment only.

For more details or to make an appointment, call 021 4276337.

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