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Stop breeding dogs for fighting and badger baiting

June 23rd, 2024 10:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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EDITOR – The horrific tragedy involving an XL bully has re-ignited a debate on how best to control dogs.

In addition to preventing attacks on humans, such control is necessary to tackle the large numbers of attacks by dogs (including domestic ones) on livestock, which wreak havoc on farms nationwide. Incidents involving dog attacks on other animals are so common in Ireland that we scarcely blink an eye when it happens or we hear about it. This underlines a need to go beyond a mere attempt to outlaw or restrict specific breeds.

Should the XL bully breed be banned in Ireland? (Photo: Shutterstock)


It’s time to end the legal status of activities that openly encourage the pitting of dogs against other animals and properly enforce the ban on those already proscribed. I refer to coursing, in which dogs are trained to chase hares, often by ‘blooding’ them on live animals, in the process whipping them into a frenzy of aggression and bloodlust that may endanger humans that come into contact with them. And fox hunting, in which dogs are trained to chase and attack foxes and hares. These dogs, hunting in packs, often get out of control during hunts, encroaching on farmland, killing cats and poultry, and causing injury to  livestock.

Worse of all, dogs are specially bred (or crossbred) for dog fights and badger baiting. These dogs are brutalised and pose an obvious threat to humans.

Let’s get real and stamp out these barbaric and outdated practices. They should have no place in any civilised society. They are cruel to animals, a menace to humans, and serve no purpose apart from, to quote the old adage, ‘giving a dog a bad name.

John Fitzgerald,


Co Kilkenny.


Time to finish athletics track in Bandon

EDITOR – Watching the wonderful Irish athletes of every hue and colour in the European championships, I thought would it not be fantastic to have these athletes and foreign athletes perform at Carey’s Cross, Cloncoolbeg, Bandon?

The construction of a state-of-the-art athletics track is well underway there, but it is being held up at the moment awaiting more funds from government. Would it not be more beneficial to channel funds earmarked for health and justice to finish this athletics track?

At the moment there is no functioning athletics track in Co Cork.

Michael Hallissey,




Politicians have left us down on Cork Airport

EDITOR – There are many matters of concern facing the people of Ireland, and Cork in particular, at this time. One which may not be considered to be of particular importance,  considering the many serious problems facing the people, is the failure to expand Cork Airport. Many people in south of Ireland must to travel to Dublin when Cork Airport would be more convenient.

The facilities at Cork Airport could and should have been expanded many years ago to facilitate more international destinations including USA flights. Government and local politicians have failed to act in what would be in the interests of the people of Ireland South.

In passing I will just mention the proposed conference centre for Cork. Another embarrassment, in my opinion.

Michael A Moriarty,



Time to paint up those derelict buildings

EDITOR – We seem to have started to get a handle on fly-tipping, and no doubt the new Deposit Re-Turn Scheme will eventually help even more.

So can we please now start to clean up our town centres, paint those derelict buildings, put nice murals on abandoned shops and homes, and get weeding the pavements?

It doesn’t take much to make a silk purse out of a (town   centre’s) sow’s ear. You know which ones I mean, West Cork!

Susan Crowe,



No comments about motley crew of males?

EDITOR – Your paper highlighted the increase in West Cork’s elected female representatives. Great news. But why was the article on page 11 peppered with irrelevant details about the appearance of all the women elected? If your journalist was making a point about sexism in politics, we don’t need more of the same. Unsuprisingly, there were no comments on the appearance of the motley crew of male candidates!

Ger Cooney,

Ballybane East,


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