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Politicians and civil servants need wake-up call from us

July 4th, 2022 8:00 AM

By Southern Star Team

Politicians and civil servants need wake-up call from us Image

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EDITOR –There has been criticism from some politicians on the recent comments of President Michael D Higgins in relation to housing.

Personally I believe it is high time that politicians and senior civil servants were told the truth.

Going back in time, people may remember republicans who fought for Irish freedom did not have confidence in civil service, courts and banks. Many would say with good reason.

Over the last number of years, prior to general elections I have placed a notice on the front door of my home which read: ‘Residents of this house consider members of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, and Labour, when in government, to be traitors to the Irish people.’

I believe politicians and senior civil servants need a serious wake-up call to face their responsibilities to the Irish people.

Some well-known people are talking about a revolution.  This I would strongly oppose as I have seen what can happen in such cases while working with the United Nations.  Politicians, civil servants,  judges, solicitors and their families were butchered.  Not a pleasant sight or one we need on the streets of Ireland.

The attitude and actions of politicians and senior civil servants need to change.

The health service has been a disaster for decades.  Waiting lists are extremely high by any standards – children – in particular children with special needs – are not supported.

Unacceptable, shameful but still politicians and senior civil servants are not behing held accountable or responsible.

Michael A Moriarty,


DUP are holding all others to ransom

EDITOR – The DUP and British government are holding the communities of the six counties to ransom by undermining the protocol and the Good Friday Agreement.

This is in spite of the spiralling cost-of-living crisis. This is causing massive stress and anxiety to the people who voted for change and is a blow against democracy across the six counties of Ireland.

Even the promised cost of living payment is being held up. Low income families will be left out of the payment unless there is an executive up and running.

I would urge the DUP to give up this current political stance they are taking and also the British government to listen to the people of the North who voted recently for a functional executive for all our people on this island of Ireland.

Noel Harrington,


Who decides where the money goes?

EDITOR – I am aware that the County Council, in their wisdom, cancelled all town councils. It has come to my attention that there are several towns that continued with their councils and mayor.

My question is, who is in charge of the grants that the County Council gives to this town?  Who makes the decisions as to how the money is spent?

My curiosity was raised when I noticed the new footpath on Townshend Street in Skibbereen, while the lethal footpath on the right side of Market Street has not been attended to.

Lorelie Rabbitt-Tomko,


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