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FARM CLASSICS: John Deere 7810 – possibly one of the best tractors ever

September 1st, 2021 10:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

Murphy’s Agri Contractors in Ballinascarthy mowing silage with their 13,500hr 7810.

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FARM CLASSICS: with Peter O'Brien

THE John Deere 7010 series requires little introduction, being widely regarded as the one of the best, if not the best John Deere series ever designed, while many owners, drivers and enthusiasts would argue it is one of the greatest tractors of all time.

Setting a benchmark for other manufacturers, the series continues to prove hugely popular with Irish contractors and farmers, providing owners with a high horsepower tractor on a relatively compact frame.

Manufactured in Waterloo, Iowa from late 1996-2003, the 7010 series incorporated John Deere’s established full frame chassis design and replaced the 7000 series and is instantly recognisable with its cast weighted rear wheels, bar axle and commanding stature.

John Deere’s legendary 8.1 litre PowerTech engine provides the grunt and unmistakeable soundtrack for the 7810.

With 175hp on tap, and  a power boost to 196hp, many 7810s have been pushed well beyond the 200hp mark.

Later 2003 models are fitted with a commonrail-fuelled version of the same engine to meet emissions standards.

Originally, two transmissions were available – the tried and tested PowerQuad with optional left hand, clutchless shuttle, as well as the less common PowerShift.

Transmission options were further upgraded with AutoQuad II, with the 4 ranges moved to the main gear lever operated via buttons – manual or automatic – complete with speed matching functions. AutoPowr brought CVT to the series and both of these new transmissions had an electronically controlled powerboost function based on engine load and were available as 40kph or 50kph options.

Due to its compact design, some owners argue that the 7810 can be tricky to work on mechanically  and it is common for the exhaust system to crack due to its squeezed in position in front of the cab. An alternative option is to re-route the exhaust up through the bonnet.

The TechCentre cab is akin to the previous 7000 and 6000 series tractors with minor upgrades and is a familiar, firm favourite with operators.

While not the biggest cab, the steering column, and generous seat provide excellent levels of adjustment to achieve the optimal driving position.

A high driving station and logical control layout make for a pleasant working day with TLS front suspension adding extra comfort.

It’s been 25 years since the launch of the big American Deere, and now there are countless numbers of these tractors working throughout Ireland.

The 7810 offers the perfect balance between power and sophistication with clean, second hand examples commanding high resale prices.

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