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How many drug-drivers?

April 7th, 2024 8:30 PM

How many drug-drivers? Image

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GARDAÍ have released some information regarding arrests on the roads over the Easter weekend.

There were three fatalities on our roads during this period and 13 serious collisions took place that resulted in people receiving serious and life-threatening injuries.

Gardaí carried out more than 1,070 checkpoints and over 5,000 roadside drug and alcohol tests, resulting in 177 arrests for driving under the influence ‘of an intoxicant’.

Over a quarter of these arrests occurred between 8am and 2pm. Unfortunately, they haven’t broken the figures down any further, so we don’t know how many were alcohol-related and how many were other drugs.

Until we know the exact cause of the deaths on our roads, and the behaviour of our motorists, it is difficult to pinpoint the best way of tackling the problem.

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