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Tips and trends for bridal looks in 2024 from local make-up artists

March 8th, 2024 10:15 AM

By Emma Connolly

Tips and trends for bridal looks in 2024 from local make-up artists Image

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Local West Cork make-up artists share their top tips for bridal looks, along with new trends for 2024

Ruthanna Crowley

West Cork bridal make-up artist

Skin preparation

If you’re happy with how your skin is, that’s fantastic. It’s a hardworking organ so needs to be treated with respect – not poked and prodded with every new fad. There are some wonderful skin consultants out there for you to avail of, and your make-up will look best if your skin is hydrated. Water is one source but don’t forget foods high in water can help if you struggle to drink water during the day.

Get good fats into your diet, through food or supplements. Omega 3, 6 and 9 will help not only the skin on your face, it will benefit every cell in your body, boosting hair, nails, concentration. Make sure you cleanse the skin properly and don’t forget your SPF.


Your foundation evens and perfects the skin. Make your choice based on the coverage you want, and for your skin type. If you are wearing tan much darker than your skin, you will need a darker foundation and mixing shades can work well for this.


A lot comes down to taste. A strong lip is stunning but if you have never worn it before, it’s best to wear a colour you’re comfortable with.


A strong eye is fabulous for photos, but it doesn’t have to be dark. It is a daytime event so don’t think clubbing, but more red carpet glam! Lashes open the eye and really help to add that bit of drama without too much product. I use individual lashes and the finish is natural yet enhanced.

Touch-up essentials

A powder, small brush, lipstick liner and gloss. I also give my brides q-tips for touch-ups/tears and some oil blotting tissues which come in handy for the men too!

Trends for 2024

I constantly get asked for natural make-up, but really what the bride wants is a polished, fresh, balanced make-up look. And that never dates.

Top tip

The stress of planning and emotions can overwhelm at times but it’s one day that passes in a blur so breathe and enjoy the now! And hire a good bridal artist who will have you ready in plenty of time.

Ashling Daly

Beautique, Skibbereen


I’d recommend a trial with your make-up artist to decide on what type of look you are going for. Wear tan to the trial if you’re planning to wear it on the day, to help match shades.


It all depends on the look you’re going for, but this year all neutral shades will be very popular.


I love individual lashes or cluster lashes. They are very subtle but make a massive difference to the look. Personally I like a red lip combined with a subtle eye and a winged liner and in general I recommend going subtle on the lip if you go bold on the eyes.

Touch-up essentials

All you should need is powder if you have very oily skin and lipstick.

Trends for 2024

It’s all about enhancing natural beauty, minimal make-up, flawless skin and keeping the eye simple and subtle.

Top tips

Skincare. If your base (skin) isn’t right, you won’t get the best result. Stop using any active products at least three weeks before your big day. Don’t over think it and just enjoy it!

Shkurta Lisa Hasani



I tell my clients, especially brides, to start facials at least six months before the wedding. For those in West Cork, I suggest Sherna Maloney. It’s important to find a good skin specialist and maintain a consistent morning and night skin care routine.


It’s important to prioritise what makes the bride feel most comfortable. If she prefers a natural look, light pink or nude lipstick can be a great choice. The dance floor princess lipstick and pillow talk (2 medium) lipliner by Charlotte Tilbury are fantastic options. But if she’s feeling bold and daring, a vibrant red like Ruby Woo by Mac could be absolutely perfect! It’s all about expressing herself and feeling confident on her big day!


When you’re going for a bold lip, it’s important to balance it out with a more natural eye make-up. This prevents the look from becoming too overpowering and ensures that the focus stays on the bride’s natural beauty. Charlotte Tilbury products are a personal favourite of mine, especially for eye makeup. They’re gentle on the skin and provide just the right amount of glam without being over the top.

Trends for 2024

It’s all about embracing natural beauty and creating a flawless, radiant look. It’s about enhancing our features instead of covering it up. Brides are looking for that effortless glow that highlights their unique beauty, and I’m all for celebrating individuality.

Top tip

Don’t stress about your wedding day look. Trust that everything will come together beautifully, from your tan to your hair, makeup, and dress. Just believe in yourself!

Makeup artist Siobhan O’Mahony on 2024’s top trends

The whole make-up look for this year is very monochromatic and tonal, particularly using brown and pink tones.

So if you’re using bronzer on your face, then it will be warm browns on the eyes, and something similar on the lips.

For the lips, a 90s red lip is very big. So is a two-tone look with a dark liner with lighter lipstick, but nothing too harsh or obvious. Mac’s Spice lip liner and a lighter lipstick like Modesty from Mac, would work well together.

For foundation, the glowy, natural, almost wet look is very in. Keep in mind that you won’t get that from using shimmer products, but products that give a glow from within. Pippa O’Connor’s new universal glow treatment product is good for achieving this glassy, as opposed to iridescent look to the skin. The only drawback to this look is its longevity. It will need topping up during the day.

A ballerina-inspired blush is also on-trend. So is a blush on the apples of the cheek and continued across the nose – just take note that this will only work on younger skin.

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