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Transform your home with a virtual consultation from Burke's of Bantry

April 29th, 2021 1:00 PM

Transform your home with a virtual consultation from Burke's of Bantry Image

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Jessie Hegarty, an expert in window furnishings with over 30 years’ experience, is available for free consultations.

Window furnishings can make a house a home, and with people spending more time than ever before at home, they are looking at making small changes that can transform their rooms.

Blinds and curtains can do this.

Burke’s of Bantry have a whole floor dedicated to window furnishings, but while the shop remains closed, they are offering free virtual consultations.

Window expert

Jessie Hegarty is an expert in window furnishings. He has over 30 years’ experience and in that time, there is no situation that he hasn’t come across.

He has built up a huge catalogue of work, so no space is too awkward.

The idea for the virtual consultations was born out of customers looking to buy window furnishings but not being able to visit the store.

‘Customers called me, saying they had an awkward window, and were looking for the different options that we could offer them’, says Jessie.

‘I got them to send pictures of the space. From the customer being at home and me being at home, I was able to recommend solutions and sizes by seeing the pictures. It was all sorted within 24 hours’.

Massive changes

Jessie has seen a massive change in the area of window furnishings with more and more products, and more and more styles and fabrics available.

‘15 years ago, everyone wanted roller blinds and there was a choice of about five fabrics. Now there is so much choice’.


One of the major advancements is the motorisation of window furnishings.

‘In five years, it’ll be presumed that all blinds will be motorised. People put them in master bedrooms and sitting rooms, so they don’t have to climb over furniture to open and close them’.

‘If your house isn’t fitted with adequate electrical points, that’s no problem. These motors are battery operated and only have to be charged every four months.

You can connect them via Bluetooth, operate them through a smart speaker, or set a timer to open and close them at certain times’.

The advantage of these motorised furnishings is that they last much longer as there is no handling of them.

‘It is an intelligent investment’.

Small cost

Jessie is a firm believer that for a small cost, a blind can completely change a room. The same goes for curtains.

15 years ago, you chose your fabric, went to a dressmaker and had your curtains made. Nowadays it’s much easier.

‘The market is changing. We have ready-made curtains which are a very good standard. Our curtains are bespoke’, adds Jessie.

For more information on the window furnishings available, or to book a virtual consultation, call Jessie on 086 2863659, email [email protected] or visit

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