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The optics are not good

May 22nd, 2022 11:40 PM

The optics are not good Image

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THIS government has had an issue with optics on so many different levels. But the images of three male party leaders agreeing to sign off on a deal that will largely affect women, and that a majority of Irish people expressed dissatisfaction with, must surely be a spindoctor’s ultimate nightmare.

A poll conducted by a national newspaper and a reputable polling agency earlier this month showed that two thirds of those polled said they were unhappy with the ownership structure of the proposed new maternity hospital.

And just under half of all respondents said they believed there would be religious interference on the site.

One would imagine a poll of female-only respondents would produce even higher percentages opposing the plan.

But we will most likely have to wait until the next election to see if these figures are fully reflected in voting patterns.

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