WATCH: Skibb goes electric with new charging points

August 19th, 2022 12:36 PM

By Dylan Mangan

John Field (Field's of Skibbereen) and Anne O'Leary (Vodafone) at the launch of the new charging points.

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TWO new electric vehicle charging points were unveiled in Skibbereen yesterday, in a move which will allow locals and visitors to the area to charge up their motors.

The Ludgate Hub and Fields of Skibbereen partnered to install the stations behind the Ludgate at Fields offices.

The charging points will be able to serve up to four cars at once.

To use them all you need to do is scan a QR code on the side of the charging point and pay through your phone before plugging your electric car in.

Anne O'Leary, CEO of Vodafone and electric car user was in Skibbereen at the unveiling, and told The Southern Star that she was delighted to now have the opportunity to charge her car while in the town.

'I think it's fantastic that Skibbereen now has a place for people to charge their vehicles while they're working, while they're shopping or while they're in the community,' she said.

'I think sustainability and the focus on climate is ever-present and we all have to do our bit, and I'm really proud to be here with John Field and members of the Ludgate Hub to launch the chargers for members of the community.'

One of the e-chargers.

The charging stations were 90% funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development under the Connected Hubs initiative, part of the 'Our Rural Future' Government strategy, with The Ludgate Hub supplying additional funding.

Gráinne O'Keeffe, chief executive of The Ludgate Hub said that 'we all need to be making constructive steps towards sustainability in our own backyard and Ludgate is deeply committed to doing what we can. While it can take time and money to make happen, we all need to make that concerted effort.'

'In our case, Fiona Ryan, our funding expert, was pivotal in identifying the right fund that would enable us to secure this while Elma, as Hub Manager, has been relentless in chasing the service providers to deliver. An all round team effort.'

John Field, who facilitated the installation in the car park said that it will help customers and visitors alike.

'Ludgate is the best thing to happen to Skibbereen,' he said. 'We're proud to have our own private car park here and to have connectivity for the first time in Skibbereen.'

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