Safety measures planned for busy Bandon junction

August 18th, 2021 5:45 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

The junction at Kilbrogan Hill and Convent Hill which is set to get a ‘raised table’ pedestrian crossing to make it safer for road users and residents in the area.

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A BUSY junction in Bandon is to get a raised table pedestrian crossing and other works to make it much safer for road users and residents.

At last month’s online meeting of Bandon Kinsale Municipal District, plans for the proposed pedestrian crossing at Convent Hill at the junction with Kilbrogan Hill and Macroom Road were outlined to councillors.

The works will involve the constructions and installation of kerb alignment, pedestrian crossing, road markings and associated works.

Executive engineer John Duggan said a school warden operates there and there are a lot of school children using the junction so a raised table pedestrian crossing is being planned for there.

‘There will also be a small bit of kerb realignment on both the Convent Hill side and the Macroom road side, and there will be no impact on car parking spaces,’ he said.

He also said the plan would be advertised in The Southern Star and there would be a four week public consultation period. Cllr Sean O’Donovan (FF) welcomed the proposed works for the area and said lot of residents use this junction so it would make it safer for locals there.

Cllr John O’Sullivan (FG) said it has become a busier location due to the new houses being built on that quarter of the town and added that every safety measure that can be put there is welcomed.

Senior executive engineer Richard Cahill complimented John Duggan and John Conroy and their team for the work they are doing in Bandon.

‘The work they are doing in the town is fantastic and it can be quite a challenging junction in the morning, but by pulling out the kerb line it will increase visibility and make it that little bit easier to get out,’ said Mr Cahill

‘Not only it will make it safer for pedestrians and the school children, it will also make it safer for road users.’

Submissions regarding the proposal may be made on or before 5pm on Thursday August 26th and more info can be obtained at the Cork County Council website

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