Recently lost your luggage? Don’t forget the charity shops!

August 9th, 2022 7:05 AM

By Jackie Keogh

Magnus Bullough was kitted out for a wedding by the staff of Ballydehob Community Council Charity Shop.

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LOST luggage left a young man from Scotland in a quandary when he came to West Cork for a wedding.

But Ballydehob Community Council Charity Shop stepped in and saved the day. Not only was Magnus Bullough suited and booted for the occasion, he was also given the loan of a kilt, a white shirt and a sporran for the ceremonial part of the wedding!

Magnus called to the shop last week with the intention of buying a pair of trousers and a shirt, but he ended up purchasing two suits. He opted to wear the dark navy Italian number for the ‘afters’ of the wedding. All of the 10 volunteer workers at the charity shop are known for their gracious, good service but Magnus’ mother Lynn felt compelled to write a warmly-worded letter to the shop.

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Paula Fry and Janet Dearden at the Ballydehob Community Council Charity Shop,’ said Lynn. She said their family had flown in from Shetland for a very special family wedding, but the suitcase with the kilt didn’t arrive.

‘Fortunately,’ Lynn said, ‘this pair of fairy godmothers found two suits and even a kilt for our son Magnus.

‘We will always remember the kindness and care we received from them. We can’t thank them enough for saving the day,’ said Lynn, who signed off ‘love and thanks always.’

‘He was a fantastic young man, very polite,’ said Paula, ‘and to get such a nice letter was a beautiful moment for all of us.’

Deb Beale, who also works at the shop, said they were ‘happy to help’ and give him the loan of the kilt, which, naturally enough, was not his family’s tartan.

It did, however, allow him to follow family tradition on the big day.

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