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Mia's building an online blog

April 15th, 2017 10:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

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A young Skibbereen woman has decided to embrace the world of blogging and attempt to emulate some of the world’s most successful online diarists.

By Aisling Meath

A YOUNG Skibbereen woman has decided to embrace the world of blogging and attempt to emulate some of the world’s most successful online diarists.

Mia Connolly from Skibbereen is preparing to launch her new blog ‘Mia’s Ways’, a social media platform where she will present her life to the public.

‘Blogging is a natural step for me combining my love of communicating and connecting with my love of IT and computers,’ said Mia. ‘I have a lot to say and want to share my personality and build relationships with people who have common interests such as fashion, beauty, DIY, IT, lifestyle and food.  For example, the ups and downs of moving to Dublin I recently experienced can provide insights to others doing the same thing, and if so, I’m happy.’ 

She said that when she was growing up, her mother, local hairdresser Mary Deasy, used to bring home free copybooks from the supermarket that she collected with points and Mia used them as diaries. ‘I used to write all my teenage dreams, frustrations and hopes in them. I often think now of how different my life would have been back then if I had a digital platform to share them with.’ 

It’s been a busy time for the 25-year-old, one of the seven member crew of the yacht  The Jostler, which is based in Kinsale. Mia is also an IT graduate, currently working as a technical support consultant for Adobe in Dublin.

What’s more, Mia is also studying for an accredited diploma in executive and life coaching, and her mum Mary is also doing the same course.

 ‘Last March I received my Day Skipper’s licence, after going from modelling to IT, to waves crashing over my head on a boat, to keeping up with the latest fashions, to sitting in a classroom for hours learning about navigation, meteorology and safety and marine.’

 Mia was delighted to successfully pass the Skipper’s exam despite all the other demands on her at the time. ‘It has always been a goal of mine,’ she said. ‘The knowledge of the sea is something that I knew would make me more confident, and also because it will probably become a requirement in the future for sea-farers – a bit like a driver’s licence.’ 

One of the big highlights of Mia’s life so far was her entry into the Miss Cork beauty pageant in 2015, when she was sponsored by The Southern Star.

‘Walking down the catwalk in Miss Cork was surreal for me, and I will never forget how amazing it made me feel then and still even today,’ she recalled. 

 ‘Everything is digitalised now and because I’m that bit older and have an IT background, I feel that blogging is the next step. I am ready to share my safe secret little diary – well some things anyway!’ she joked. Standing out from the crowd can be a challenge online, but that doesn’t deter Mia one bit.

‘I trust that being myself will be enough for me to stand out. I am honest and not afraid to be myself and I’m very determined when it comes to something I am trying to achieve,’ she said.

See Mia’s blog on or miasways on Facebook.

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