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MEP calls for immediate lockdown in order to save lives

March 20th, 2020 12:21 PM

By Siobhan Cronin

MEP calls for immediate lockdown in order to save lives Image
Skibbereen Heritage Centre closed due to Coronavirus. (Photo: Andrew Harris)

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MEP Luke Ming Flanagan is calling for the Irish government to instate a Total Lockdown immediately.

In a statement today he said: 'Let’s be clear, Ireland is very vulnerable in the face of the coronavirus, Covid-19. We are very low on ventilators and there is clear evidence that shows that a country with a low number of ventilators per head of population has a higher death rate than countries with high numbers of ventilators per head of population. This is why Germany has far fewer deaths than Italy. Ireland has half the number of ventilators that Italy has. Frightening!'

He added: 'We have failed to take the peak of the infection curve and last night’s figures are proof of that. Our infection rate is soaring. We have not done inward travel restrictions, we have been slow to close schools, pubs etc.'

He said we must look to what is coming down the line. 'I believe that we must move to instigate a Total Lockdown now, similar to France. If we do not do this we will needlessly kill thousands of our citizens. Why wait? Why be behind the curve? We can see what works. Lockdown is currently the only medicine against this virus. It worked in China. It is just beginning to work in Italy. Most countries in Europe are going towards lockdown. Poland, Denmark, Spain and many others have closed their borders.'

Dr Mike Ryan of the World Health Organisation has said the most important single factor in fighting coronavirus is speed, the MEP noted. 'Minister Harris, Taoiseach Varadkar please move NOW. What are you waiting for? Every day is a loss.'


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