Man sent gun photo and threatened to kill colleagues

August 1st, 2022 6:30 AM

By Southern Star Team

A file image of a gun similar to the picture sent by James O'Driscoll to an ex-colleague. (Photo: Shutterstock)

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AN aggrieved ex-employee of a company sent a picture of a handgun to an ex-colleague and said he would kill them all and would ‘go out in blaze of glory’, a court heard last week.

James O’Driscoll (37) formerly of 2 St Eltin’s Terrace, Kinsale but now living in a B&B in Dunmanway, pleaded guilty at Bandon District Court, to a threat to kill.

Sgt Trish O’Sullivan told the court that the defendant’s employment had been terminated and that on December 5th last he had a WhatsApp conversation with a former colleague.

‘During the course of the conversation he sent a pic of a handgun and two texts threatening other staff – “I’ll be honest bud I’m going to kill them all, I need my two weeks’ pay and I’ll go out in a blaze of glory”,’ said Sgt O’Sullivan.

‘He also said: “You can tell them I’m coming for them and I’ll be outside every day waiting for them”.’

The court heard that Mr O’Driscoll wasn’t in possession of a gun and had used a picture of one from the internet. He has eight previous convictions, including assault, burglary and the possession of drugs. Defence solicitor Plunkett Taaffe said his client, who has a ‘reasonably good work history’, was working for a food distribution company in Cork for over three years.

‘Breakages were dealt with in a certain manner and he overstepped this and lost his job as a result. As a result he felt aggrieved about losing holiday pay and he sent those messages after having drink taken,’ said Mr Taaffe.

‘It was silly but alarming intentions, and he cut and pasted a picture of a handgun that he got from the internet. When he was interviewed he owned up to his actions and he is apologetic and he had never any intention of carrying out those threats.’

Judge James McNulty remarked that it was a serious matter and that threats to kill are at the ‘high end’ of the district court scale.

He sentenced him to eight months in prison but suspended it for two years in the defendant’s own bond of €1,000, with no cash required. He was directed to keep the peace and commit no offence during this period.

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