LETTER: PLO against talks and negotiated settlement

August 25th, 2019 8:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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Have Daniel Teegan and Bob Storey of the tall stories ever read the PLO Charter? Or those of Hamas and Hizbollah?

SIR – If the Palestine Arabs have no Green Line state, it is because they did not create one 1947 – ’67. Why? Probably because King Hussein was never kid-gloved with rebels. 

Secondly, the PLO, etc were part of the Arab failure to even acknowledge the Israeli offer of June ’67 to return to the Green Line for a peace treaty ending the conflict and its claims. 

Third, they rejected Sadat's offer to get them an autonomy in the Egyptian peace

UNWRA's brief is to steward those ‘... who have lived in (British) Palestine for at least two years and have been displaced by the 1948 war ...’  From the start, it was plain that a lot of these people were not indigenous but included economic (?) immigrants given it is "Economics 101" that labour migrates to investment and prosperity. Whence the 40 or 50 million diaspora Irish in US, Australia, UK, etc.

The proof is that Rawabi's developer is the richest Palestine Arab and his surname is ‘Masri (Egyptian).’ The same goes for most of the ‘refugee families’ in Gaza who include many patriarchs demobbed from British military labour in 1945 and 1919, who initially preferred Palestine, but come the 1948 war were trying to get home – till Farouk told his provost to close the frontier so instituting a political weeping sore.  

Have Daniel Teegan and Bob Storey of the tall stories ever read the PLO Charter? Or those of Hamas and Hizbollah? The mainspring of the conflict is Arab befuddlement with the romance of violence, of Mohammed the warlord and his conquest and humiliation of kaffirs.   

PLO Arts 9,10, 21 are specifically against talks and negotiated settlement without ending all Israeli presence by violence.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Adam,



United Kingdom.


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