LETTER: Last refuge of a failed argument

January 27th, 2019 8:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – It is the last refuge of failed argument when a supporter of the Israeli rogue state seeks comfort in the Old Testament. Of course, any one of the 45 different versions of the mythology will suffice to carry the fairytale and present the Palestinians as brigands living in what was once their own land.

Christian beliefs are based on the words of Jesus in the New Testament and not based on the fables of the Old.

Israel has occupied, ethnically cleansed and practised apartheid against the Palestinians since 1948. Today, the Palestinians have their own Warsaw ghetto, Gaza, a hell on earth, and history has shown us that a people who are forcibly constrained by a massive hostile army invent their own armed response. In this instance it is Hamas.

Prof Sands of Tel-Aviv University agrees with Ilan Ziv, ‘A Myth Unearthed,’ saying that the Jews in Israel today are not the descendants of the biblical Hebrews. They do not share a common ethnicity, DNA or the culture of the 56,000 Jews who lived in peace with their other Arab neighbours in the Holy Land until the 1920s.

Both experts quote a growing mountain of evidence which undermines Zionism, by showing that the modern Palestinians are the descendants of the Jews of Roman Palestine. Israel, today, was created by descendants of converts to Judaism from the four corners of the world.

Israel’s survival with its banditry of Palestinian lands and property is entirely dependent on American support. As long as America remains strong and its leaders able to carry the Israeli baggage, peace with justice will not prevail in this Holy Land.   

Ten percent of Americans control 90% of its wealth and 2.8% of those share the same religion as the Israelis. Perhaps this is a contributing factor in this unconditional US support?

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Teegan, 

Union Hall. 

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