LETTER: How much is Ireland beholden to the EU?

April 13th, 2019 5:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – There are, to me, definite limits beyond which a blow-in should not go, in terms of trying to directly influence what should happen in his adopted home. Whether that can extend to inviting readers to look at certain aspects before forming an opinion, is for the individual to decide but I offer the following to expand on Robert Sullivan’s passionate letter last week. There is a more comprehensive article I can forward to anyone interested if they email [email protected].

Unlike the UK, Ireland is beholden to the EU Bank for presumably most of its national debt, and one needs to know whether that was accrued honourably? To do that, one should consider the State’s conversions to the euro currency and metric measurements of metres, litres and kilometres. 

For those who witnessed those changeovers, did they experience any allocation of tax revenue to fund the wholesale alteration of cash tills and the huge reprinting costs of every official document, map and school book that mentioned one of the new measurements?  Or did the benevolent EU say ‘Don’t worry. We’ll look after it and put it on the bill.’ Once thus hooked, if true, Ireland was in debt. 

Guy Verhofstadt openly looks forward to a United States of Europe where the Varadkars, Merkels and Macrons will be reduced to USE equivalents of impotent State Governors under a President who could be Portugese, Greek or Bulgarian. 

Who even knows the names of the Governors of Vermont or Delaware?  Yet that will be the lot of an Irish Taoiseach and the EU will be holding the reins.

Whilst history can’t be altered, we are reminded that European elections are in the offing, yet this throws up another worrying matter where FG and FF candidates will be canvassing for re-election. Central control, the hallmark of socialism, is the avowed intent of the EU, yet both main parties will openly claim centre right policies. 

When asked, existing MEPs/TDs don’t reveal how they reconcile this ‘hunting with the hounds but running with the hare’ approach, so is it a question of noses in troughs? Even the arch-nationalist Sinn Fein movement will presumably baulk at the idea of once more being ruled from outside?

Ireland must decide its own future. Listen to the Sullivans and demand from candidates answers to the very basic issues that could once more plunge a great country into subjugation. 

Nick Turner,



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