Kinsale’s loos should be open all year ‘round

March 15th, 2020 7:10 AM

By Kieran O'Mahony

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A COUNCILLOR has said that it is ‘unacceptable’ that the public toilets in Kinsale are closed from October to April leaving tourists with nowhere to spend a penny outside of that time.

Cllr Kevin Murphy (FG) raised the issue at a meeting of Bandon Kinsale Municipal District last week and said it wasn’t good enough that the old toilets – next to the tourist office – are currently closed and that people are being ‘driven demented’ by the situation.

‘Kinsale is booming at the moment and there are a huge amount of tourists visiting the town already and there are no public toilets opened and that’s not good enough,’ said Cllr Murphy.

‘Kinsale town is bringing in mega bucks into the County Council and we don’t get back our full dividend back from pay parking. We have closed toilets from October which don’t open until April and that’s totally unacceptable for Kinsale. They should be opened all year ‘round.’

His colleague, Cllr Marie O’Sullivan, who runs a café in Kinsale, also seconded his motion.

While there are plans to build new toilets in the car park next door, the existing ones are still operational but closed from October to April.

Council executive engineer Brenda Fehily said the only reason the toilets are not open is a budgetary issue which he said is the domain of the councillors.

Senior executive officer Mac Dar O h-Icí said that they can look at the pay parking dividend and examine if some of it can be used to have the toilets opened all year around.

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