Kidney transplant recipient is still drinking

May 27th, 2023 10:10 PM

By Southern Star Team

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AFTER drinking, a Bandon resident would then go into local stores and rob food, Judge James McNulty was told recently at the town court.

Piotr Barglik (54) of Apartment 3, 15 North Main Street, Bandon, was legally represented by Plunkett Taaffe, solicitor.

Sgt Paul Kelly said the accused stole €3.78 worth of groceries after concealing them on his person in Lidl on March 27th 2022.

On April 1st, he took items worth €5.96 from Lidl; and on April 3rd he took goods worth €21.99 from Aldi.

On each of these three charges, the accused was sentenced to three months in jail.

However, a three-month concurrent sentence was imposed in respect of three additional charges, making it a total of six months.

The accused was convicted of stealing €9.50 worth of goods from Dealz in Bandon on December 11th last. 

He was also convicted of stealing €7 worth from SuperValu on October 29th; and €9.56 from SuperValu on October 15th.

Sgt Kelly said the investigating gardaí found some of the items – such as ham, pâté and Polish cheese – in his backpack, and in the fridge in his home, but nothing was recoverable. The sergeant informed the court that the accused has 15 previous convictions.

Mr Taaffe said his client has a significant alcohol addiction and ‘resorts to going into shops and taking items when he is drunk.’

Judge McNulty noted that the accused had benefited from a kidney transplant.

‘Someone made a sacrifice to give him that new kidney,’ said the judge. ‘Ireland had been good to him but he has not been good to Ireland. He is a thieving nuisance.’ Mr Taaffe asked for recognisances to be fixed for an appeal.

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