French student searching for accommodation in West Cork

July 27th, 2022 9:42 AM

By Dylan Mangan

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A FRENCH student’s search for accommodation has highlighted once again the harsh realities of the housing crisis in West Cork.

Emma Roullier has recently qualified with a Masters degree in marketing, but wants to stay in Ireland for the next year to continue improving her English.

She has a job lined up as a waitress in the Celtic Ross Hotel in Rosscarbery, but their own accommodation is full until September.

She wants to start working immediately, but to do so Emma needs to find somewhere to live near the hotel – and the search has been difficult.

‘I have been living in the countryside near Bandon for two weeks,’ she said. ‘I have been searching for accommodation but didn’t find a place yet.’

Recent figures from the Residential Tenancies Board have shown that Cork now has the second highest average rent prices in the entire country, and the crisis is not limited to the city alone.

Cork is one of 14 counties with average rent higher than €1,000, and according to, average rents across the county rose 10.8% in the past year.

There are currently only nine properties listed as available for rent in West Cork on the popular property site, with only six rooms available in a share situation. It leaves little choice for those searching for a place to live, especially if they need to be in a specific location.

Emma’s story is just another to add to many across West Cork which showcases the difficulty for those in need of accommodation.

Anyone with details of a house-sharing situation in Rosscarbery or nearby can contact Emma by email at [email protected]

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