Free poo bags offered to encourage owners to clean up their dog’s mess

May 8th, 2021 11:40 AM

By Jackie Keogh

Rosscarbery residents are looking to eliminate dog fouling from their streets and beaches.

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THE people of Rosscarbery are taking a proactive approach to doggy do.

‘We have no wish to become the poo police,’ Siobhan Howarth said on behalf of the local committee – a team of eight who are a subset of the hardworking tidy towns committee – ‘but steps need to be taken to clean up dog fouling on our streets and at our beaches.’

A couple of impossibly cute notice boards have been placed at the approach roads to the town appealing to people to ‘Please take your dog litter home.’

The posters – complete with bright-eyed and bushy tailed madras – informs the public, ‘Rosscarbery Community says NO more to dog fouling.’

Rosscarbery has been inordinately successful in the national tidy town’s competition – not only does it increase its marks year on year, it has also won many national bronze, silver and gold medals.

However, as is the case with communities the length and breadth of West Cork, the community says the problem with dog fouling simply has to stop.

‘It’s just not acceptable,’ said Siobhan. ‘People need to take accountability and show respect for other residents, children, visitors and especially those using buggies and wheelchairs.

‘It’s just not fair to expect them to have to clean wheels after a scenic outing, particularly the beach.’

The pavements in the town also need to be kept clean because Rosscarbery has one of the most beautiful town centres in all of West Cork – a series of stylish old buildings that visitors find unique.

To mark the beginning of their campaign, the committee have decided to hand out dog poo bags during this May bank holiday weekend and to politely engage with dog owners in the hopes of raising awareness.

The committee is firmly of the opinion that this problem can be overcome because public tolerance for such an unsightly mess on the public highway has worn thin.

Siobhan said it’s not just a matter of being squeamish, dog poo can have very serious health implications, especially for young children who might not be aware of the inherent dangers.

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