Experience the teachings of Shamanism in West Cork

December 2nd, 2021 8:00 AM

Rajinder Singh opened The Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies in 2012.

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The Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies offers residential workshops at Inish Beg Estate, Baltimore

Shamanism is simply put, living life in a balanced way with the knowing that every thought and action has consequences. Throughout history, in every tradition and culture, elders and healers in tribes and communities were responsible to maintain this balance through one-to-one healings, ceremonies and rituals.

This was to make sure that no one carried grief and suffering of the traumas and events of everyday life long after they've happened. The role of the Shaman is to help in the same way in modern society.


Rajinder Singh is one of the leading practitioners and teachers of Andean Shamanism in Ireland. He has been practicing energy medicine for over 25 years. Rajinder, who is originally from India, spent time learning from Master Shamans and Spiritual Teachers in India, West Africa, USA, Europe and Peru.

In 2004 he moved to Cork where he began to offer full training courses on the various techniques of this Shamanic tradition.

Rajinder Singh pictured with one of his mentors, Don Sebastian and his wife at the base of Ausangate - the highest peak in the Andes.


After giving introductory workshops and classes on various aspects of Shamanism, he started training those interested in this work, and opened the Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies in 2012.

Rajinder offers a range of services including one-to-one sessions and group workshops.

The Shamanic Treatments include the Illumination Process, Soul Retrieval and Extraction Work.

West Cork

He runs ongoing residential workshops on various topics and Shamanic techniques at Inish Beg Estate near Baltimore throughout the year.

The workshops include Introduction to Shamanism, Munay Ki The Nine Rites of Initiation, Living Your True Path, Walking in Beauty and Feeling Safe, Healing Past Lives, and The Journey Home – The Death Rites.

The Centre also holds ongoing Medicine Wheel training for those looking to go deeper into the work or who want to become practitioners themselves.

To help others, practitioners must first learn about themselves and heal the wounds and trauma that exists within them. This is an essential part of Shamanic training and only when this is done, can the student gain the clarity to help others on their own journey.

Upcoming workshops at the Munay Centre include South Class – Part 1 Medicine Wheel Practitioner Course, 6-10 December, Living Your True Path, 21-23 January, and Shamanic Retreat, 18-20 February.

Rajinder also offers ongoing weekly and monthly meditation classes online via Zoom. To join these, connect with the Munay Centre on Patreon to choose the package that suits you best.

For more information on the Centre, upcoming workshops, or to share the gift of Shamanism by purchasing a gift voucher, visit

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