Epidemic claim is sad truth

May 29th, 2023 6:45 AM

By Southern Star Team

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A JUDGE recently described the prevalence of cocaine in our society as an ‘epidemic’, as reported this week in this newspaper.

While some readers who see those words being attributed to West Cork may think it’s an exaggeration, anyone who has witnessed the rise in the prevalence of drug driving cases, as opposed to drink driving cases, in just one or two years, will know that those words are founded in reality, not hyperbole.

A regular reader of this – or any local – paper, will have seen the rise in cocaine use charted right in front of their eyes, on a weekly basis, as the courts are flooded with possession and supply cases.

The results of the increased use of the drug are also obvious in the courthouses of the region, with many defendants blaming the drug for bad behaviour after a night’s – or entire weekend’s – indulgence.

All this begs the question – how do we address it? The Citizens’ Assembly which is currently in session on this very question will hopefully offer society some helpful guidance in this increasingly worrying issue.

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