WATCH: Ellie’s cliff dive – after chasing a butterfly – leads to RNLI rescue

September 3rd, 2021 1:30 PM

By Jackie Keogh

Ellie after her big adventure, and subsequent rescue, with volunteers from Dunmore East RNLI. (Photo: Neville Murphy)

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SKIBBEREEN paramedic Neville Murphy had a dog day afternoon recently when he and other members of Dunmore East RNLI rescued a Bichon Frise that fell 30m off a cliff.

Neville – who is from Coronea but works as a helicopter winchman with the Coast Guard, as well as volunteering with the RNLI – said they were tasked to locate the dog that fell off the cliff after chasing a butterfly. Within 10 minutes of launching, the RNLI volunteer said they spotted the white dog, wet and shivering, on a ledge at the base of the cliff and used a smaller boat to access the shore and rescue her.

Neville said they believe Ellie must have fallen into the water –which would account for the fact that she escaped the 30m fall uninjured – and he said she was smart enough to climb onto the rocks and await rescue. Clearly, she had a lucky escape and was returned, unharmed, to her owners who were waiting anxiously on the shore.

Although the RNLI is primarily a life-saving service, Neville said the rescue of animals can be prioritised to prevent owners taking unnecessary risks.

That, however, wasn’t the case last Thursday. Neville said the owners did the right thing and called for assistance.

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