Drivers must learn to slow down on N71 outside Glengarriff school

January 14th, 2022 8:00 PM

The entrance to the school is just off the N71.

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A parents' association in Glengarriff wants the Council to reduce speed on the N71 roadway in front of the local national school.

The association tasked Cllr Danny Collins (Ind) to raise the issue at a meeting of the West Cork Municipal District.

The councillor tabled a motion calling on the Council to install speed activation signs at the church and at the national school.

Cllr Collins complained that the speed of the traffic hitting the village is a cause for serious concern and parents are naturally worried that their children might be in danger.

Senior executive engineer Ruth O’Brien informed the councillors that the construction of a new footpath from the village out as far as the nature reserve would provide ‘traffic calming’ in that area and ‘alleviate a lot of the issues.’

She said the new footpath would ‘narrow the area and cause traffic to slow down.’

Cllr Patrick Gerard Murphy (FF) asked for the speed activation signs to be put in place until the new footpath is ready.

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