Crookhaven teased by hope of a starring role in The Last Jedi

April 24th, 2017 5:45 PM

By Jackie Keogh

The platforms built for stunt scenes at Brow Head – locals are hoping they don't end up on the ‘cutting room floor'

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The release of a teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie at the weekend has Mizen Head locals wondering if their peninsula has made the final cut.

THE release of a teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie at the weekend has Mizen Head locals wondering if their peninsula has made the final cut.

Business people in Crookhaven, such as Emma Jepson of The Crookhaven Inn, said that filming on location in nearby Brow Head, last Spring, ‘really helped the local economy because they were here for nearly three months.

‘It was brilliant for the area,’ said Emma, ‘and down the line we are still getting people asking about it.’

A key scene in the new movie, The Last Jedi, was shot at Brow Head and ever since people – especially Star Wars enthusiasts – have been drawn to the area.

Local shopkeeper, Dermot Sheehan, admits that although he is not terribly au fait with Star Wars, he has noted that people are making their way up the narrow road to the now famous hilltop site.

‘During filming, it did create a buzz and people came from all over to have a look at Brow Head,’ he said. ‘And I believe that when the movie goes on general release, there will be another big influx of visitors.

‘Throughout the winter, you could see the impact that the Wild Atlantic Way is having, and the filming of Star Wars has helped.

‘The difference is that where once people would have stopped at the local shop to ask for directions, they are now keying the co-ordinates into their Sat Nav and making their own way there.’

Although Skellig Michael has featured prominently in the trailer, local publican, Dermot O’Sullivan of O’Sullivan’s Bar in Crookhaven believes: ‘If Brow Head gets even 30 seconds of footage in the next Star Wars film, it will be publicity that will last forever.’

During filming, he said the crew built extensive scaffolding on the cliffs at the end of Brow Head so there is every likelihood that the location will feature in a dramatic scene in the new movie.

There were, in fact, two platforms with wires running between them, which Dermot believes were used for a stunt scene, but he can’t say for sure because no one knows the details of the storyline. 

For that, people will have to get in line and buy a ticket for The Last Jedi, which doesn’t go on general release here until on December 15th.

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