Access group: Clonakilty can do a lot better

October 15th, 2021 11:50 AM

By Southern Star Team

Evie Nevin, one of the group members, was unable to cross some streets due to the lack of ramping.

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CLONAKILTY Access Group has highlighted the ongoing challenges facing people with disabilities in the town.

Members participated in the recent Make Way Day event where people with disabilities go into their local communities and travel the streets and footpaths as a group.

Members made their way around the town’s streets and took photos and videos of issues, which obstructed or hindered their ability to use the footpaths and crossing points.

Many of these were due to lack of awareness by some businesses and residents and could be easily resolved by people doing the right thing.  They included rubbish bins (empty), bicycles (parked, locked to poles), downpipes, tables and chairs, advertising and menu signs and cars parked blocking ramps.

Water drainage channels,  particularly on Rossa Street footpaths were identified as real hazard. Astna Street footpaths were considered ‘no-go’ areas due to their narrowness but also the rough surface. Lack of a safe footpath exiting Kent St car park and the traffic ramp across the exit created problems for wheelchairs. Similarly, lack of footpath ramps at safe crossing areas on many streets were also noted.

In a few places there was the a ramp on one side but nothing to match it at the opposite side. The camber of some of the new footpaths in the town centre also require wheelchair users to have good upper body strength.

The access group will be meeting over the coming weeks to compile the findings and make approaches to have things improved.

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