Practise eating on the go

September 26th, 2018 5:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

Practise eating on the go

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Fitness with Paudie O'Donovan

THE clock is ticking with only four weeks to go until SCAR ’18 and I hope all my readers are exactly where they want to be in terms of training. 

But to anyone struggling to complete the weekly training schedule because of the weather, there’s always a way around it. 

If it’s raining or there’s strong winds on the day that your meant to cycle then don’t panic. Swap the cycle for the run or push it forward a day. 

If it’s getting dark by the time you get home from work then you might have to drive to your nearest town to use the street lights.  

But in any case, don’t use the bad weather or darkness as an excuse not to train. Depending on the length of the run that you have to do, there’s always an option to do laps. It is easier find a 2k route and just run it two or three times. 

Because we are down to the final month, it’s time to find hardest hill and run up it because if your doing the Sport section of SCAR, there’ll be plenty to test your grit. 

You’ll also need to get used to eating while competing. If the event is going to take you one to two hours in the Taster or three to four hours in the Sport, then either way you you’ll have to eat something solid. 

Drinking high calorie drinks or isotonic drinks is not enough. 

Breakfast will have been at least an hour and a half before the start and you’ll be exercising for one to four hours  so you need solid fuel, eg a banana, a chocolate bar, biscuits, a sandwich or something that suits you and something that will give you energy and get you to the finish line. 

You need to practice this while cycling with your safety being top priority. You need to be able to open and eat a banana while pedaling or open a bar and consume it while managing not to hit the ditch. 

I know it sounds funny but some people struggle to do this and that’s why you need to practice it. Also you’ll have to choose the time you eat. It helps to study the map that will come in your goodie bag. It would be a bad idea to try and eat while descending down a hill at speed. 

Somewhere flat and where you’ll get a chance to do it will suit best. Usually eating every 40-50 mins is wise.

Week 7 of SCAR training plan:

Monday, September 24th– Sunday,  September 30th 


Monday: Run 5-6k                  

Tuesday: Rest                     

Wednesday: Bike 25-30k        

Thursday: Run 5-6k                  

Friday: Rest                       

Saturday: Brick Bike 30k and run 3k                                      

Sunday: Rest                                      


Monday: Run 7k

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Bike 35k

Thursday: Run 7k

Friday: Kayak 2k

Saturday: Brick Bike 35k and run 4k

Sunday: Rest 

Top Tip 

Get used to cycling with one hand. You will probably carry your food in the pocket in the back of your jersey or jacket so practicing taking food out of there and eating it will really stand to you. 

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