TD under fire over hesitancy on vaccine

December 19th, 2020 5:10 PM

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SIR – I would like to express my displeasure when I heard Deputy Michael Collins saying that he is not prepared to take the (Covid-19) vaccine, because he does not know the ingredients in it, but yet he is prepared to expect the people of West Cork, and throughout the country, to be the guinea pigs, so the likes of Michael can wait and look at us to see how we got on.

This is some leadership from a parliamentarian at a time when the livelihoods of people are being destroyed, people can’t get home to celebrate Christmas with their families, and what about the families that lost their loved ones through the Covid-19.

I am a person who got polio in the 1950s,and it left a lasting impact on my life, and many of the people in the greater Cork area were left paralysed, after getting the polio. The vaccine that was rolled out that time, was hugely successful, hence the eradication of polio.

I think Mr Collins lacks judgment in coming out and saying he won’t take the vaccine, so if everybody, took that attitude to the polio vaccine, people would still be paralysed, and their lives much changed. I will have no problem in taking the vaccine, as we need to get our lives back, and save lives.

Mr Collins, I would suggest you talk to Professor Luke O’Neill,and clear your mind and concerns, in relation to the vaccine. Don’t be waiting for others to lead; you were elected to do that job. 

John O’Sullivan,

(polio victim),


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