Putting Israeli side of the argument

July 4th, 2020 5:10 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – Firstly I would like to ask why when someone writes in and it is an anti-Jewish article or anti-Israeli article, it is seemingly published, but pro-Israeli ones are not or very seldom at least?

Mr Storey writes in the past when mentioning a certain person that this person is Jewish. Why? When other people of different religions are mentioned, he does not disclose their religion. What religion does Mr Storey belong to?

What religion does Mr Teegan belong to? We have a right to know and we have a right to know now all the religions of anyone he mentions.

The 22 Arab States which control approximately 10% of the world’s land mass have 22 Embassies in nearly every country around the world. All represented by radical Muslims whose religion teaches that only Islam is the correct religion and the rest of us are infidels including Mr Storey and Ronit Lentin.

Israel, which is smaller than the province of Munster, has one Embassy in a few countries and so the voice of one man is drowned out by the 22 others. It does have an effect. And again I ask those that oppose Israel, how is it that a country so small that one can hardly find it on a world map be a problem for the Muslims?

The Jewish religion is Israel, the belief that the Creator promised this area to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel. Zion is the hill where the Temple was built by King Solomon and to this very day we pray three times a day and mention Zion more than 50 times in our prayers to God.

And again and I will continue to write, which Palestinians does Mr Storey refer to? Jewish, Christian or the Islamic invaders?  Dr Lentin says that I did not mention that the Government here was trying to Judaize the land in the Galilee in 1984. How can that be when for 3,000 years it has been Jewish land anyway?

She can if she is wiser enough refer to the New Testament and find out where Jesus lived and what his religion was. I also do not believe that these are her words because I know her to be an intelligent Palestinian Jewish person of high intellect.

In reference to the past head of the local Municipal council, Mr Yecheili, who froze the bidding of the Islamic Waqf representatives for building land for Israelies, he was correct in doing so? No Israeli wants these Jihadists to live amongst us but all loyal Israelies are welcome to live here.

Not Palestinians though, they have Jordan which is 78% of what was formerly Palestine.  Religion is not a barrier. We do not live in Derry or Belfast.

Ms Lentin also shows vast ignorance if it was really her who wrote that letter, which I doubt, concerning land matters as the land of Kfar Vradim was never owned by anyone from Tarshicha, but as Goebells the Nazi said, tell a lie enough times, make it even bigger and the stupid masses will believe you. That is Ronit Lentin and her friends.

Under the British Mandate, there were a few non-Jewish landowners registered in the land registry and some that were, were Syrian landlords who rented out lands to the fedhaeen. After Syria, Trans-Jordanian British backed armies, Egyptian, Sudanese and Arabian armies invaded in 1948 and then ran away, defeated by the rag tag remnants of European and Arab Jews, all titles were lost and this includes the former Jordanian annexed territories of Judea and Samaria.

They declared war and lost. End of story and Mr Storey too. When you declare war and lose, you lose everything.

But again, and I repeat this, all people who want to live in peace are welcome. Those who do not are free to go to the other 22 Arab States.

One last point. Gaza belongs to Egypt. Gaza before 1967 was Egyptian territory. It it now ruled by Hamas.

King Farouk (known as The Crook) in 1948 did not want his returning soldiers to go home and tell the truth about the war and he created this area and made them live there, never to return to their homes along with those who supported the overthrow of the Jewish State and who also fled or were booted out by the new Government instead of being killed.

The Egytian border is closed, the Israeli side is open and goods of a non-military nature flow in and out daily. The rest is a lie, but that is what Storey and Lentin want you to believe, just like the Nazis of Germany.

Maerton Davis,

Hermon 68,

Kfar Vradim 2514700,


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