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FARM CLASSICS: Beefy and domineering John Deere 7920

December 1st, 2022 10:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

FARM CLASSICS: Beefy and domineering John Deere 7920 Image
Manufactured at John Deere’s Waterloo plant in Iowa, the 7920 also featured a new cab .

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With Peter O'Brien

IMMENSELY popular, John Deere’s 10 series tractors were huge hit with both owners and operators. 

However, the series had run its course by the early 2000s and was revamped to the 20 series in 2002. 

Featuring new streamlined styling, greater output and improved operator comfort, yet earlier tractors were not without their flaws, particularly in areas of engine cooling.

But one particular 10 series would prove considerably difficult to replace – the legendary 7810. Its replacement would have to be a significant improvement, so much so that it took John Deere a further 12 months to introduce its replacement – the 7920 – in 2003. On paper, the 7920 is a superior tractor to the 7810 which it replaced. But, for some reason, it never achieved the same popularity. 

The straight line styling of the 7810 made way for the rounded and sleek 7920 with its wasp-like one-piece bonnet design. With its high domineering stance, bar axle and cast rear wheel rims, the 7920 gives the instant impression of a formidable and capable workhorse. 

Manufactured at John Deere’s Waterloo plant in Iowa, the 7920 also featured a new cab but inherited the 8.1l John Deere engine in common rail form, that was fitted to the later 7810 tractors. 

The highly acclaimed, tried and tested 8.1l John Deere, turbocharged and intercooled, produces 200hp and boosts up to 234hp using electronic power management when in transport mode. The beefy 7920 tips the scales at over 8tons. Closed centre pump hydraulics provide an 121l per min with 113l available to a single spool valve while rear lift capacity is 6.5tons. It is also fitted with a 1000 speed pto as standard, with 540 speed an additional extra. 

While the two smaller models in the 7020 line-up benefitted from a choice of transmissions, John Deere’s AutoPwr variable transmission was mandatory for the 7920 and was also another tried and tested component inherited from the 7810. Available in both 40k and 50k speeds, a short stubby lever selects the speed ranges one and two which are fine-tuned by a scroll wheel located on top. 

The new CommandCentre cab provides an outstanding view thanks to the sloping bonnet which widens away from the cab, large single piece doors and the relocation of dash information to the left hand pillar console. The AutoPwr transmission controls are fitted to the CommandArm built into the driver’s seat, which also boasts four electric spool valves. Moulded above this is John Deere’s CommandCentre which provides the operator with tractor performance information and automated setting options. 

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