We can ‘drive to Galway’ for food

November 25th, 2020 5:45 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Checked: Food shopping - no limit. (Photo: Andy Gibson)

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GARDA bosses have reassured people that they will not be prosecuted for travelling beyond 5km to go food shopping during the Level 5 restrictions.

At a meeting of the Cork County Joint Policing Committee last week, which was held remotely, Cllr Danielle Twomey (SF) raised a motion about her concerns on this.

Cllr Twomey said that in the previous lockdown there was some confusion in relation to food shopping and the fears about breaching the 5km rule.

Chief Supt Tom Myers of the Cork North Division said that food shopping is specifically mentioned in the guidelines.

‘In reality if you’re in Cork you can drive to Galway for food. You can breach the 5km for specific food shopping and while it might not be in the spirit of regulations, that is the guideline,’ said Chief Supt Myers.

Cllr Twomey said there has to be a level of personal responsibility, too, and she said she wouldn’t be advising people to be travelling long distances for food. ‘I’m only advising about food places just outside the 5km.’

Cllr Gearóid Murphy (FF) said that several people have raised this issue with him too and said there’s nothing stopping people going to their nearest town to access a big multiple store.

Chief Supt Myers agreed and said it’s written in ‘black and white’ about food shopping.

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