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Martin fears for future of Cork Airport

Monday, 15th December, 2014 11:50am
Martin fears for future of Cork Airport

Cork Airport

FIANNA Fáil Leader Micheál Martin has said Cork Airport is at a major disadvantage, losing passengers and money, as a result of Government policy decisions.

Folloiwng on from the report in the Star recently that a Cork woman had established a ‘Save Cork Airport’ campaign, Deputy Martin said: ‘There is an urgent need to address the situation at Cork Airport. The way Shannon Development has been created and the additional revenue streams and finance structures it can supply to Shannon Airport has given it a major advantage over Cork. Cork Airport has lost 100,000 passengers coming in on European routes and passenger numbers are down 5%. I believe there will be another 5% reduction next year unless there is a genuine effort to boost travel into the airport.’

He added that next year was shaping up to be a very difficult year for Cork Airport, as both Aer Lingus and Ryanair have announced the cancellation of routes and the reduction of services, including the ending of the Cork-Lisbon, Cork-Nice and Cork-Brussels routes.

‘This Government created a fully independent, debt free Shannon Airport and in the very same legislation abolished Cork Airport Authority. It is clear Shannon Airport has benefited hugely at the expense of Cork. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing a real net increase in travel into the area, rather a transfer of traffic from Cork to Shannon.

‘Of course I wish Shannon well, but Cork Airport needs to be able to compete with it on a level playing pitch. It’s clear the Government representatives in Cork have taken their eye off the ball and Cork Airport is suffering as a result. Cork Airport needs more marketing support and more investment in promotion of the region. The airport has substantial facilities and an excellent terminal building that is not being utilised to maximum effect.

‘Our government representatives have allowed a situation to develop where Cork Airport is significantly disadvantaged and facing into a very difficult trading year. It is time for the Government to show it supports Cork Airport and is serious about its future prospects.’