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Huge support for campaign to save Cork Airport

Sunday, 30th November, 2014 12:20pm
Huge support for campaign to save Cork Airport

Cork Airport


A CAMPAIGN to secure the future of Cork Airport has received huge support since it was launched by a Southern Star reader last week.

Siobhan McCarthy set up a Facebook page called 'Save Cork Airport', and already it has received over 19,000 ‘likes’.

She said she started the campaign to keep the regional airport open, after learning that it had lost even more flights recently – this time to Nice and Lisbon.

Siobhan said she was amazed to see that, after just 48 hours, the numbers on the site had gone from 70 to 300 'likes', and within another 24 hours, there were more than '3,000' likes for her campaign. Today that number is well over 19,000.

'Cork Airport is to lose even more flights, Nice & Lisbon. Please join the campaign to save the airport and lobby politicians to deal with the unfair debt,' she said in the page's information section.

Such was the impact of her campaign that within a few hours of setting up the page, Siobhan had secured a meeting with airport management.

She met with Kevin Cullinane, head of communications and Anita Gackowska, head of aviation marketing on Monday last.

‘They both emphasised the long lead time from initial discussion to a route being launched,’ she said after the meeting, adding: ‘Sometimes this takes up to 18 months. During this time a lot of resources are put into research and planning that we, the public, will never get to hear about due to confidentiality.’

And she urged supporters to also ‘like’ the Cork Airport Facebook page, as support for the airport was needed now, more than ever. ‘Ultimately the success of the airport will depend on us all supporting the routes out of Cork,’ she said.

Siobhán emailed the Southern Star last week to say she was particularly impressed with the article by Archon in a recent edition, on the same subject.

There was more bad news for Cork Airport this week, however, with Ryanair revealing that the number of its passengers travelling through Cork Airport will fall by 6% this year. It has cut services from Cork, citing ‘too high’ charges at the airport and has moved some routes to Shannon.