00:00 Saturday 20 February 2010  Written by Carol Gilbert

Skibbs Working Artists Studio celebrates tenth anniversary

THE Working Artists Studio, 71 North Street, Skibbereen, celebrated its tenth anniversary recently at a very enjoyable evening where the resident artists were joined by many of their friends and supporters to mark the occasion.

Music, song, and poetry combined with a liberal dash of good company ensured a great night's entertainment.

The Working Artists Studio is exactly what it says, a workplace for a group of painters, sculptors and engravers, whose eclectic mix of visual art is displayed throughout the three floors of the building. Once the front door is open, visitors are always welcome to come through the studios and see the work in progress.

"We have had quite a few art groups from art schools and from schools from Cork to Macroom. Some come in through the studios quite regularly to talk about our work and that on display." explained Mary Jordan, one of the resident artists.

"Visual arts are displayed throughout the building. The Working Artists Studio creates a supportive environment for artists in a variety of mediums and combines very well with the art of poetry and a whole variety of music.

"We have open evenings once a month where people are welcome to just come along and join in whether they play an instrument, sing, or read a poem or whether they just want to come along and watch. We have found that a lot of people write poetry and may have kept it hidden.

"There's a whole variety of music played, from jazz, traditional, blues, the whole gambit of age groups and music. In the current climate, when things are so difficult especially for an artist to survive, it is great to be able to encourage each other and remind people that they are not isolated or on their own.

"I believe Skibbereen could become a really important area for the arts. We already have the West Cork Arts Centre, the Working Artists Studio here and we hope to build on that to include all the other forms of art, particularly poetry and music. Anyone who is interested in coming along is more than welcome.

Marie Cullen, Barry McCullough, Mary Jordan, Tess Leake, Paul O Colmain, Dubhaltach O Colmain and Neisha Azzopardi have work on display in the Working Artists Studio. Dubhaltach O Colmain is now working in the Sculpture Factory in Cork in his own studio.

For further information, contact Mary Jordan on 086-1735560, or Marie Cullen on 086-1628471.

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