00:00 Saturday 19 June 2010  Written by Séamus Drisceoil

Keeping the fuel flowing on Cape Clear

IN RECENT years, almost all the small village petrol retailers have quietly disappeared from the landscape.

Unlike the loss of other rural services such as post offices and village shops the demise of the small petrel retailer has been largely unremarked upon, marked only by the longer and longer distances rural drivers must travel to fill their tanks.

This change has also affected our coastal villages and today from Baltimore to the Mizen, apart from Goleen, there are no functioning petrol pumps left along the coast and boat owners planning excursions must come prepared with plenty of spare fuel in hand.

During the fine summer days, our scenic island dotted seascape invites seafarers on longer trips and inevitably, for some, the matter of extra fuel becomes a priority. The natural affinity and helpfulness one finds at sea sees that help is usually forthcoming from some quarter and problems are often averted by the kindness of strangers.

It is not well known that Cape Clear Island hosts one of the last coastal petrol pumps in this general area but the word is slowly spreading and every year sees more boats arriving to avail of the facility.

Unfortunately, to date, the pump has operated only on weekdays whereas the demand from boat owners is more often at weekends. For this reason, Cape Clear Co-Op has decided to make the pumps available at weekends also throughout this coming summer to boat owners.

While the pumps will not be manned permanently, boat owners seeking petrol can phone 086-3836759, between 9am and 7pm and someone will attend shortly to man the pumps. No need to worry about remembering the number as it's displayed at various points around North Harbour.

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