00:00 Saturday 24 April 2010  Written by Leo McMAHON

Clonakilty companys product a big hit

CLONAKILTY brothers Norman and Tom Crowley of Crowley Carbon caused quite a buzz last week at the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Show in the RDS when they launched Danu, a ground-breaking technology in the form of an iPhone Application. 

Danu, which is set to transform the energy efficiency market while delivering rapid cost savings to commercial and industrial customers, managed to get a lot of people very excited, including Minister for Energy Eamon Ryan TD, who was present for the launch.

The global requirement to reduce CO2 and increase energy security has never been more pressing than at present. No business or household is untouched by the issue of global-warming. 

Most technologies that seek to assist in the CO2 reduction process are focused on renewables such as wind, wave and solar projects. These projects are proving to be capital-intensive at a time when every spare cent matters and many projects carry significant technology risks.

Crowley Carbon has developed another way of dramatically reducing energy consumption with low risk and rapid payback. With new software platform, christened 'Danu' after the Celtic Goddess of wisdom, Crowley Carbon have unleashed a world 'first.' 

Currently, there are many companies who want to deploy efficiency technologies, but cannot access the complex information required. Danu provides companies with the experience of over 150 global experts in every area of energy efficiency, from complex areas such as motor control and harmonics to areas as basic as lighting.

The products will all be chosen to cater specifically for that company's needs. "In a nutshell, it's Google for energy efficiency", says the company's founder and chairman, Norman Crowley, originally from Clonakilty.

"Danú certainly has the ability to change the planet. According to McKinsey, energy efficiency is the best step we can take straight away and you can make money in the process of doing it", says Crowley.

€4million has been invested in the company which has 32 employees and counting. "We have staff in Ireland, Britain, Poland and Australia, but are determined that we will plant our roots firmly in Ireland. This has the potential to create thousands of jobs throughout the country for engineers, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople", says managing director Tom Crowley.

Crowley Carbon was featured last Friday, April 16, on 'Nationwide' on RTE 1. Norman Crowley showed presenter Mary Kennedy how energy-efficient replacement lighting in a shop fridge could reduce energy costs by up 60%.

It's just one of a huge range of products, also suitable for heating, lighting, air conditioning systems and motors in the 'Demand Side Reduction' (DSR) sector from Crowley Carbon which, through the software application Danu, has made researching and accessing information on energy efficiency so much easier.

Tom (46) and Norman (39) Crowley from Castleview, between Clonakilty and Timoleague, are the sons of Dan and Julia Crowley and past pupils of Clonakilty Community College. Their company has facilities in Clonakilty, Wicklow, Galway, London and recently opened in Poland.

Tom Crowley worked for the ESB for 17 years, mainly in generating stations. He worked on the mechanical maintenance and later in instrumentation and control of these plants.

In 1997, Tom left the ESB and started his own construction company. He gained considerable experience in the use of many types of insulation and the installation of energy efficient heating systems and renewable energy sources. He sold his construction firm in 2007 and co-founded Crowley Carbon in January, 2008.

In 1994, Norman Crowley founded Trinity Commerce, one of the first eCommerce services companies in the world. He grew the business in five countries, employing 150 people and sold the majority of the business to eircom plc in 1999.

In 2001, he co-founded Inspired Gaming Group with eight people. By 2006, Inspired was the largest player in the world in the area of Server Based Gaming (SBG).

In 2006, Norman floated Inspired on the London Stock Exchange. At the time it had grown to 2,500 people and had revenues of US$500m. Along the way Norman also co-founded "The Cloud", Europe's largest Wifi operator which he sold to 3i in 2005.

Norman Crowley is also chairman of Blife, a health and food education company. He is on the board of The Next Step, a charity dedicated to looking after disabled children in the former Soviet Union country of Georgia.

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