00:00 Saturday 27 June 2009  Written by Jackie Keogh

Cape Clear has its own very own Paddy Wagon!

The most sensational news to hit West Cork in recent weeks is that Cape Clear Island now has its very own 'paddy wagon'.

After two eventful weeks of strike action over the ferry service, there was much good cheer at the pier, last week, when Paddy Leonard pulled up in the island's latest mode of transport.

It caused much hilarity and delight: The children loved the colourful wagon, which is probably as close as they'll get to the magic of the RTE creation, 'Wanderly Wagon'.

Of course, adults who go to the island to enjoy some peace and quiet, far removed from the long arm of the law, loved the idea of being in a paddy wagon - a term for a police van that came in to common usage because a lot of the cops in America were Irish.

Since retiring from the Post Office, Paddy Leonard has devoted himself to a number of 'top secret' projects and - true to form - this secret was well kept as he laboured long hours to perfect his latest creation.

The unveiling of the newly constructed paddy wagon - or Paddy's Wagon, to give it its proper title - also attracted the interests of vintage motor enthusiasts because it was drawn by Paddy's own pristine vintage David Brown Tractor.

The brightly painted wagon seats seven in absolute safety and comfort and is already a big hit with Islanders and visitors alike.

During the summer, Paddy will offer trips to popular destinations such as Loch Ioral, the Hostel, Coláistí Samhraidh and the Old Lighthouse.

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